“Without memory, there is no culture.
Without memory, there would be no civilization,

no society, no future.”
Elie Wiesel


The award-winning Yiddish documentary Boris Dorfman – A Mentsh


Boris Dorfman – A Mentsh is a 50-minute film shot entirely in Yiddish (subtitled in English). Set in the formerly multinational city of Lviv in Ukraine, it is the first part of a planned Yiddish trilogy. Lviv was a center of Jewish culture for over six hundred years, only to be shattered and destroyed during World War II. Seventy years later, Boris Dorfman takes us on a profound journey to places of horror and hope, emblematic of Jewish history. The ninety-year-old activist is virtually the last person in town still speaking the almost extinct language of Yiddish. Both a living relic of a bygone era and a defender against oblivion. While remembering the past, he lives in the present and tries to prepare people for the future. He is “a mentsh”, someone full of love and empathy.