How Love Can Heal the Past


The past and the present tend to clash at the most unexpected of times. Like on the night in July of 2006 in Kraków, when German journalist Uwe von Seltmann met Polish artist Gabriela Maciejowska. The two fell in love, but not before learning that their pasts shared a dark connection: During World War II, Uwe’s grandfather, Lothar von Seltmann, was a member of the SS in Kraków, while Gabriela’s grandfather, Michał Pazdanowski, was murdered by Nazis in Auschwitz.

Uwe von Seltmann shows us that the repercussions of National Socialism still weigh heavily on the lives of the families of those involved. Seltmann – the grandson of a Nazi officer – along with his Polish wife Gabriela – whose grandfather was murdered in Auschwitz – explore their family’s histories in an attempt to lay the ghosts of the past to rest. Joachim Gauck, President of Germany

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