Gabriela and Uwe von Seltmann



Gabriela von Seltmann
Born 1971 in southeast Poland, Gabi is an interdisciplinary artist and cultural patron. Using various art forms, she seeks to answer questions about memory and identity, as well as the implications of history. After studying in Kraków and Aix en Provence, France, she has lent her linguistic and artistic skills to international film productions, giving her the opportunity to work with renowned directors. The search for her family roots has led her with Uwe across half of Europe: from southern France to eastern Galicia in Ukraine. The result of the research can be found in their books Todleben and Gabi i Uwe, as well as in her film projects.

Uwe von Seltmann
Born 1964 in western Germany, Uwe is a freelance writer, journalist, lecturer, filmmaker and producer, currently based in Kraków. He has been invited to over five hundred lectures in Europe and Israel. He has written and edited eight books, mostly describing the familial and social impact of Nazism on the present. His book Schweigen die Täter, reden die Enkel (When the perpetrators don’t talk, their grandchildren will), published in 2004, garnered considerable attention in German speaking countries. Ever since his youth, he has been interested in the Yiddish language and the history and present of Galicia. He has been guiding Jewish Heritage Tours to Galicia and Bukovina in western Ukraine since 2001.