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For many years Gabi and Uwe von Seltmann have given lectures at academic and non-academic institutions. They are available for speaking engagements at Schools, Universities, Jewish Community Centers, Synagogues, Churches, Museums, Libraries and other organizational or private venues. Their presentations can be illustrated with Powerpoint images, photographs, video and audio clips. They organize workshops, author sessions and share their knowledge about the war repercussions in life of third generation after Shoah, transgenerational transmission of trauma, the value of family research and the ways to healing, reconciliation and mutual understanding.

Gabriela and Uwe von Seltmann are the founders of the “Art, History & Apfelstrudel” nonprofit organization. Deeply aware of their families’ histories and feeling a profound sense of responsibility for the world around them, Gabi and Uwe have delivered a wide range of artistic and historical projects, all in the name of peace and memory, in order to counter the threats of anti-semitism, nationalism, racism and xenophobia. The purpose of the organization is to continue pursuing such projects with various scholars and artists.

Artistic, historical and culinary legacies are important and overlapping elements of regions, nations and countries. Knowledge in these fields can help everyone understand just how long we have been living alongside each other. Through artistic, historical and cultural knowledge, the “Art, History & Apfelstrudel” organization encourages active dialogue, unity and cooperation, while also encouraging peace and tolerance between nations – all in the name of remembrance, empathy, understanding and mutual respect.

True to its ideals, the organization’s name contains, alongside the arts and history, are markable culinary product which can be found across many parts of Europe. Strudel is proof that food can help build understanding between nations as well, by exchanging recipes and sharing meals together. This baked cake can be found in Alsatian, Austrian,Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Jewish, Polish, Slovenian, Slovakian, Serbian, Turkish and Ukrainian cuisines.

The Organisation deliver its aims through:

taking part in international social dialogue relating to the process of reconciliation between Jewish, Polish, German and Ukrainian communities, especially through initiating all manner of activities which help serve contemporary, vivid Jewish culture and history, where we happen to work on events, social and arts long term projects.

serving and supporting artists, cultural activists and academics across the globe with the aim of generating exchange and discourse between communities and nations, helping raise awareness of the dangers of war and its multi-generational effects, helping bring about widespread peace.


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